Sizing guide and advice

Our Sizes are in HK sizing.
S = Euro/ US/ AUS XS
M = Euro/ US/ AUS S
L = Euro/ US/ AUS M
XL = Euro/ US/ AUS L

If you need any help with sizing and/or the product listing does not contain the measurement chart please don't hesitate to contact us through Instagram or Facebook for help. Please include in your message, the item that you'd like measurements for. We can send you the measurements or you can send us your measurements and we will choose the appropriate size.

HOW TO MEASURE - in centimetres if possible please.

BUST - measure yourself straight around with well fitting bra on and over the largest part of your bust.

WAIST - measure straight around the smallest part of your torso. This will be approx 2 inches perhaps 3 inches ABOVE your navel.  If you are unsure where to measure - stand in front of the mirror, bend to the side and note the spot that creases first.  This is where you should measure your waist.

HIPS - measure straight around and over the LARGEST part of your bottom end. We need the biggest measurement you get going straight around in your bottom area.  For some it will be over your bottom, for others it will be higher on your hip.